Wake up and Live Riddim….. #ExclusiveListen

This riddim portrays various scenarios and lifestyles within the carnival atmosphere. Everyone likes to party, everyone likes to fete. However, not all patrons are the same. Some patrons spend their money, some storm the event and some simply have automatic all access to events throughout the season. As a good friend #Juby will say “Make sure yuh have ah visa face” The ability to have this all access face can get you to places not only within the season but throughout life.

Nevertheless, there are persons who have little concern about having all access to events. What they are really concerned with is having a good time. Once there is women and drinks, everything is right or as a good friend #Astenisaac will say, “once ah band on meh hand is Gallery I could play mehself now,” “and I fete until ah fall.” Now that is “Gallery.”

We all know about the alcohol consumption within the culture. It’s a norm in society to stop by a bar and “call ah rounds.” However, one shouldn’t drink to get drunk rather one should drink to enjoy life. Life might not be going the way u like but as a good friend #showtime will say, “When all have fail, Is rum that does keep meh company.” For carnival is “Whole Day” ah drinking rum. Be Unbothered

Now…While a man may prefer rum, other men may need that female companion in his presence. Particularly during carnival there is a natural reaction for a woman to activate her mid range. It is also a natural reaction for a man to gravitate to a woman’s rotational movements. This carnival A good friend #Chingee is targeting one woman and as he will say, “I just wanna Wine on yuh” Be Ambitious

Meanwhile, there are women who utilize their body and capitalize on the urges of men. There is a level of confidence embedded in women during carnival season. A demanding approach tends to be the approach of most women especially during carnival and one particular woman representative is a good friend #essy who surely is “not afraid to tell you how she wants” Accept yuh “Rudeness” but Don’t judge her. Be Confident

While these songs describe scenes within the carnival atmosphere, the concept of #WakeUpLive encourages persons to reveal that silent inner self and portray your suited lifestyle in any scenario.

Each artiste featured on the riddim is primarily interested in contributing to the art and culture but most importantly, WAKING UP others and encouraging persons to LIVE. Many of us have dreams but the best way to make dreams come true is to Wake Up N Live.


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