After being incarcerated for over two years, dancehall artist Andrew Davis more popularly known by his stage name Flippa Mafia, was found guilty on drug trafficking charges in a New Jersey court yesterday.
The charismatic artist whose moniker “The Flossing King” made him quite popular throughout the dancehall community, is loved by the people who know him best. Charming, energetic, kindhearted and talented are a few of the adjectives that can be used to describe Flippa.

In 2008, Sunrason Films premiered “What Goes Around” in select theaters across the US, written and Directed by Tehut-9. “What Goes Around” is a twisted tale about male/female relationships, that looks at the issues of infidelity, safe sex and HIV awareness.  Flippa Mafia/Andrew Davis stars as an unabashed playboy who lost his girlfriend in a sordid affair. The movie showcases Andrew’s raw talent, and theater goers were captivated by his effortless portrayal of the character Sylvester.  
When news of the guilty verdict reached the ears of the Sunrason family yesterday, the mood quickly turned somber. Writer/Director Tehut-9 in a statement released, expressed his thoughts on the unfortunate situation: “We are sad to hear the news about Andrew, aka Flippa Mafia. He played a major role in the movie “What Goes Around”, and our hearts and prayers go out to him and his family. Flippa is a very talented and gifted actor, and it was a lot of fun working with him on the movie. He brought lots of energy to every scene that he was in, and he will forever be a part of the Sunrason Film family. On behalf of the entire cast and crew of “What Goes Around”, we wish Andrew and his family all the best and hope we make him proud with the upcoming DVD release of the movie. He is most definitely a star, and we hope this movie will keep his star shining bright.”
Now available, fans can simply log onto and pre-order their copy of the DVD.  “What Goes Around” is a brilliantly told story with a message, remarkable acting, and a cast of professionals who bring the story to life. Cast members include Nohard Grant who was exceptional as Sylvester’s brother Denzel, dancehall artists, Mavado, KC Jockey and Ding Dong, along with Sakina Samuda, Supa Twitch and more. The wait is over everyone. “What Goes Around” is here in time for the holidays. Log onto the official website and secure your copy.

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