“Saddle Up” with U.S.V.I Soca Songstress Rudy Live!

MPR | On the heels of her successful performance at the 2016 St. John Festival, the energetic vibrant Rudy Live is back on the promotional trail of her catchy buzzworthy summer hit bound single “Saddle Up“.

Produced by Leron “Stretch” Lake and written by Fitroy “Figgy Oggro” and Toiya “Rudy Live” Isaac, “Saddle Up” is laid on a hot pulsating, high energy rhythm laced with powerful vocals and female empowerment lyrics. “If ah have to tell you what ah want when is you who ask for dance. If ah have to tell you what to do why should i take ah chance. You can’t want a gyal then you get gyal an acting like you lost. You see gyal like me hot gyal what we want is ah boss. Saddle up…” sings Rudy Live on the follow up track since the release of her well received 2015 “Demolished EP”.

Speaking on this hit bound single, the captivating soca songstress explained “Fresh off my EP Demolished I wanted something new and innovative. I worked with Figgy before, he wrote my Come and Get a Plate. I wanted something hot , spicy with a kick to it. Something the ladies can sing out to while giving instructions on how to ride the saddle.”


Saddle Up by Rudy

Soca Music Is Life !! Favorite, Repost and comment!! Saddle UP !!



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