S.A.G.H.S scores with Carnival Saturday fete

(Sonique Solutions) – As Carnival 2016 culminated in sweet Trinidad and Tobago. The Friends of St. Augustine Girls’ High School (S.A.G.H.S) created memorable moments with their annual all-inclusive Carnival fete known as “ASTRA”.

ASTRA which took place at the Centre of Excellence, Macoya, delivered on all levels and gave several patrons (both local and foreign) the opportunity to soak up some culture, first-rate Carnival entertainment and an unmatched stock of premium food and drinks.

This particular event brought out a certain amount of extra fashion consciousness as the Soca loving attendees put an extra dose of “swankyness” into their dress code for the event which is a major fundraiser for the renowned East Trinidad secondary school.


The action at this chic affair started from as early as 4pm as most patrons wanted to take in as much of the entertainment and relaxation as possible before gearing up for the hectic events of Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

The spacious venue was fully and appropriately utilized by the ASTRA events team. The food stalls which were strategically positioned around the venue offered delectable food selections including Sushi, BBQ Pigtails, Curry, Tacos, Ceviche and mouth-watering desserts.

The bars also overflowed with a variety of beverages inclusive of top shelf liquor such as Moet and Hennessey White Cognac.  Although the excited attendees found all sorts of creative places around the luxurious location to have a one-on-one dance or group jump up, the fete had comfortable booths and an action packed dance floor area which gave perfect vantage points for the party’s entertainment.

Taking the stage at ASTRA was the 2016 Chutney-Soca Monarch K.I. along with his band which featured Nishard M and Neval Chatelal.  Also on the performance bill were Dil-E-Nadan and The Roy Cape All Stars.  ASTRA 2016 was a sure-fire festival hit which left patrons fully satisfied and eagerly anticipating the 2017 edition.


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