Rembunction….Back At it

With their feet ready to traverse paved pathways and grassy expanses, masqueraders and feters alike are gearing up to take on the unspoken challenge laid before them every season. These well-oiled waistlines are primed to move with the single-minded purpose of making this Carnival the best one ever. The collective goal? To create never-to-be forgotten memories and, as RemBunction describes in this latest release, to “Make Yuh Name” before Ash Wednesday comes.

He promised us the Flipside for 2016 and sure enough Roland “RemBunction” Yearwood continues to deliver this previously unseen side to his talent in loud and living colour. This new track produced by Anson Soverall and written by Nkosi Blackburne and Remy himself is yet another revelation by the diverse artist.
Musically designed to keep everyone uplifted and energetic, the lyrics capture the secret aim of all who relish this festival. It also reminds everyone to rejoice in the gift that each day is, and the fun to be had in celebrating this life together.
RemBunction is certainly stirring things up this year, keeping his fans on their toes, even as he wins over new followers who had no idea that beneath that conscious exterior lay the soul of a true Soca performer. He guarantees that there are quite a few more surprises to come and much more of the Flipside to be shown as this creative journey of his keeps unfolding. Words by Mystie Thongs

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