Protoje 70 plus shows…First stop in the Caribbean outside of Jamaica!

Reggae singer Protoje recently stopped by 96.1 WE FM to chat with Shal Marshall. He discussed a number of topics including first show in the Caribbean outside of Jamaica, maintaining a presence in music and his hometown Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

First big break:

” It took 5-6 years before anything happened. It started with tunes like argument. The rasta love tune with Ki-mani Marley really made people outside of Jamaica know about me.”

Maintaining a presence in the music business:

“It is easier to make than maintain it. It has been 6 years from the first song, 5 years from the first album.”

Places he has been since beginning of the year:

We did 70 shows for the year so far. Costa Rica, Mexico, UK, France, Germany….”

First performance outside of Jamaica:

“I tell you, with all the places I have been, it’s a bother that I have not performed in the Caribbean outside of Jamaica.  I said I really need to touch soil in the Caribbean. Trinidad is the right place to kick that off. If your thing take off in Trinidad, the whole Eastern Caribbean will jump on it.”

Full interview

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