Junior Reid Stop By The Breakfast Club..Disappointed in Rapper The Game + New Music

Junior stopped by the Breakfast club to promote his latest album, “living legend“.  The artist discussed his collaboration with notable Hip Hop artists and staying away from beef within Hip Hop.  Junior Reid discuss working with rapper the game who collaborated on track “It’s Ok (one blood)”.  Here is what he had to say:

“Working with game, for me, it was a good vibes going in….sharing the love…at the same the strength we give game…we disappointed in him. We don’t really get any love because at the time I was available for all promotional events. There was an individual promoter who put on a show with Junior Reid and the Game. He put on about four shows in Tampa, Jacksonville, [sick], and the first show went alright. When it reach the second show, the promoter said he will have to pay me for the rest of the show but game is saying he is not going to perform at the show if I am performing.”


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