Gailann…Moving On

Gailann, whose new sobriquet is ‘Gailsogorgeous’, is no stranger to the music fraternity. She has brought to you in the past, ‘relationship songs’ or as they say, ‘conflict of interest’ hits where she has given her justification and reasons why she would not stay in any arduous relationship. For 2016, she’s on her way to ‘moving on in a new direction’ as she has collaborated with Xpert Studios, Carriacou, Grenada, with her fresh and innovative single “Moving On “. This Single is already on its way to becoming the new ‘Women’s Anthem’.

The song speaks about Gailsogorgeous’ valiant steps in the culmination of one chapter in her life as she realise the necessity in leaving the things behind that limit and restrict the Emergence from her Cocoon to becoming the beautiful Butterfly that she was destined to become. Her conscious awareness and forte is exhibited in the authoritative words Emanating from her song and was transcribed to provide Women with the inspiration necessary to apprehend that Transformation is inevitable in order to move on in a New Direction ‘Ah Moving On “.  (c) Joel Lucillio

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