Erup Return With – Love ft Faydra

MPR | In an industry with scores of artists, it’s super important for one to stand out. Without question, popular Dancehall artist Erup has this appeal, cementing his position in the industry with a decade of hits. But it was the epic “Click Your Finger” that catapulted ERUP to the Billboard charts and commercial success. Fast forward to 2016 and the ultimate deejay is returning with a sure to be hit named “Love” with singer Faydra. The duo strikes gold on this Dancehall infused with R&B summer sizzler, which is produced by DJ Blaze Worldwide for Fyah Blaze Productions. Already buzzing among Reggae music fans, DJs and radio alike, the Crawba Geniuss directed “LOVE” video will certainly garner the attention of the masses. The video will be released online July 22.

This delightful video, which is set in the romantic enclave of Port Royal, Jamaica, sees Erup falling in “LOVE” at first sight with the gorgeous songstress Faydra, as she rescues him on the road side. “Jamaica is such an enchanted place,” says director Crawba Geniuss (who also doubles as Charly Black’s DJ and selector for 456 sound). “I chose locations that highlight the ‘LOVE’ between Erup and Faydra….‘LOVE’ is a universal language that speaks to everyone, so people around the world can relate to this.”

Erup couldn’t be happier about the video release. He says, “This project has been a long time coming and because I love the song so much, I thought it was important that there be a music video to properly represent it.” DJ Blaze of Fyah Blaze Production adds, “I see ‘LOVE’ reaching far places….to be honest, I fell in ‘LOVE’ with the song all over again after watching the video.”

The creative minds behind the “LOVE” song and video, which include Fyah Blaze Productions, Erup, Faydra and Crawba Geniuss are in agreement with their thoughts that the diverse sound of “LOVE” will allow it to break through International markets. They conclude that the video further solidifying the stellar song’s presence. The team is in the midst of a full stop promotions campaign for “LOVE.”

The teaser for the “LOVE” video ‘’broke the Internet” around Memorial Day weekend, scoring over 140,000 views. The song is catchy and the professionally-filmed video is well connected to the tune. Following an online release July 22, “LOVE” is scheduled to make its debut in numerous TV and video outlets that have expressed a fond interest in the video. Reggae music lovers should get ready for “LOVE!”

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