Erphaan Alves #NoSeason Movement w/ Never Find track

Weeks ago local artiste, Erphaan Alves voiced his concern about the lack of local music being produced by artiste after carnival season.

While he agrees that there a current spurts of local releases here and there, he believes there should be a greater presence.
In an effort to change this, Erphaan took the initiative and created the the “#noSeasons” campaign in attempt to inspire year round local music for our listening pleasure.  The “#noSeasons” campaign  will feature consistent releases from the EA who intends to show his versatility by dabbling in other genres as well soca.
We present the first release of the #noSeasons campaign, entitled, ‘Never Find’.
EA lends his vocals to this smooth, groovy Reggae track  produced by NutationRecords, & Sheppard Pro.
“Never Find” penned by Alves,  is a story of the growing pains of love and life. All of us, at some point, has reminisced over a lost love. In that moment, we reflect on the  deep connection and bond once shared with someone special.
Although the love has fallen victim to circumstances, we will always remember and treasure the memories created because they can never be erased.

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