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Reggae Crooner Chris Martin Announces #BigDeal 2017 North American Tour

MPR | After an impressive entrance at #3 on the Billboard Reggae chart with his debut album “Big Deal“, soulful crooner Christopher Martin is headed on his first major North American tour to deliver what he calls “real-life music”: Earnest, honest songs about everyday realities.

From his humble beginnings in Jamaica’s St. Catherine Parish, in a rural district known as Back Pasture, to being catapulted into the entertainment limelight by winning Jamaica’s Rising Stars, Christopher Martin has kept his focus on developing his musical talents and becoming a great stage performer and all-around entertainer. Along the way, he teamed with influential producer and artist manager Robert Livingstone and company, later signing with VP Records. Recently, Christopher took a leading role in his first feature film “Destiny” and appeared in television commercials as the spokesperson for KFC Jamaica. Stacking up success after success, Christopher’s star is on the rise! Continue Reading

Mr. Easy ‘Gone A Lead’ With New Album and Video

PRISM MARKETING CONSULTANTS || Known for his smooth vocals and distinctive sound that has produced classics such as ‘Drive Me Crazy’ , ‘Bruk Out’, ‘Joy Ride’ and ‘Rain Again’ just to name a few from his expansive catalogue; Dancehall recording artiste Mr. Easy has kicked off the New Year with a bang.

Working assiduously in the studio the singer has completed his latest album slated for release in the first quarter of 2017 (End of March). Though still untitled Mr Easy is doing anything but ‘taking it easy’ for the New Year and has already commenced an aggressive promotional campaign to bolster his presence with the release of two new singles accompanied by videos from the upcoming project. ‘Bashment Gal’ released a few weeks earlier as been shown appreciation by his fans. However ‘Gone A Lead’ the second single has been enjoying premium rotation especially on the local party circuit since it debuted over the festive season (Christmas) and is steadily becoming a staple on the playlist of the most popular radio jocks across the diaspora.

Speaking with accomplished journalist and broadcaster Winford Williams in a recent interview for the premier of his video ‘Gone A Lead’ the singer intimated that due to his hectic schedule he is not afforded the time to be in Jamaica frequently but is thankful for the continued support he receives from the local fan base,

“I don’t get to spend  a lot of time in Jamaica because of my hectic schedule mainly due to touring and other professional engagements but I am very thankful to the fans for the support throughout the years.” – Mr Easy exclaimed.

He continued, “This new album and video are part of the ongoing campaign to revitalize my career and now that it’s complete we are already working on a promotional tour__ so fans across the U.S, Caribbean and Europe can definitely look out for Mr. Easy very soon.”

The videos for ‘Bashment Gal’ and ‘Gone A Lead’ will be made available on all major media outlet and can also be viewed via Youtube. ‘Bashment Gal’ takes us back into an iconic period in time for dancehall: the bright clothing, colored wigs and dancing that have all been highly celebrated and replicated by artistes of today.  While ‘Gone A Lead’ takes a more modern spin on the happenings of current dancehall trends featuring popular dancers and sexy females provocatively teasing their counterparts.


Erup Return With – Love ft Faydra

MPR | In an industry with scores of artists, it’s super important for one to stand out. Without question, popular Dancehall artist Erup has this appeal, cementing his position in the industry with a decade of hits. But it was the epic “Click Your Finger” that catapulted ERUP to the Billboard charts and commercial success. Fast forward to 2016 and the ultimate deejay is returning with a sure to be hit named “Love” with singer Faydra. Continue Reading

Miss Kitty…. Reggae Sumfest… A Good Match!

PRISM MARKETING CONSULTANTS || JULY 30, 2016 || Media personality Miss Kitty has come in for high praise from organizers of Reggae Sumfest for the stellar work she delivered at this year’s world-famous music festival in Montego Bay.

The effervescent radio talk show host and emcee was at her best during the festival that came to a resounding crescendo last weekend and where she further enhanced her burgeoning reputation as being the best of the best. Continue Reading