Adana’s Shine Through On New Single- Hot Meh

Coming out of a successful year in 2015 with her most requested single ever – ‘Falling’ – Tobago born Adana has pushed the envelope and emerged with a song that portrays her powerful vocal growth as a recording artiste. With a pulsating rhythm and gradually changing moods, “Hit Meh” is her first single for the 2016 Carnival season.

Writers Akeem “Preedy” Chance and Anson Soverall have adeptly crafted lyrics that seem to transport listeners to the pulsating feeling of being immersed into a carnival frenzy, allowing free expression and mental liberation.
The song presents a powerful groovy beat that is indicative of Adana’s progression as a recording artiste. Her determination to change the musical landscape of Tobago, Trinidad and beyond is apparent with the strength at which the song moves the body and impacts the mind and soul.

After listening and grooving to the melody, I am sure you as well will be singing “Hit Meh”.

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