Recording Artist K’Coneil Releases “Hot Like You” by Billboard Producer Seannizle


International recording artist K’Coneil has released “Hot Like You”, the lead single off his upcoming yet untitled 2016 EP. Produced by acclaimed billboard producer Seanizzle, the hit bound single on the 90’s Don Dada Riddim has been blazing both the airwaves and dance floors.

The song written by K’Coneil, his long time writing partner Reggaetwin Gairy Blake ad Seannizle, glorifies independent women who are confident in their “hotness” factor regardless of society’s views and standards. “You got The body of an angel Mi nah lie you summin turn up. You’re sexy figure is amazing Anywhere you touch burn up, You buy anything you want, You no cotch a gal yard. Cause it pay for with the na na, You no park like trailer pon no corner, You no par with gal dem wa mash up the partner” Sings K’Coneil.  Continue Reading

#VideoAlert | Tizzy – Bombs


As early as the 15th century, bombs have been used to great effect particularly for purposes of shock and awe. Fast forward to 2016 and just in time for the fete season, Tizzy brings you an explosive high-energy thriller. Sure to have every dance floor buzzing the idea “of drop bombs and roll out” should alert every feter that Tizzy will be roaring through fete after fete and party after party with the same dynamic and infectious aura. Be aware, be alert, hydrate and keep your energy up, because one never knows when this bomb is about to drop. Continue Reading

Cooler Park Carnival delivers for the masses

Fetters of all ages and backgrounds came out to enjoy the Cooler Park vibes

(Sonique Solutions) – Green House Entertainment which recently saw the debut of its ultra premium inclusive event ‘Finesse’ in La Vega, outdid themselves with  their annual cooler fete experience ‘Cooler Park’ and attracted a huge crowd to this Central T&T party staple.

What started off as a small house lime in a residential area in Couva years ago, later evolved into an all-out block party or ‘blocko’ and has now grown into one of the country’s full-fledged cooler-inclusive events. Continue Reading